The Dynamic Duo: Not Batman and Robin,

but the Liver and Gall Bladder

The root cause of an unhealthy gallbladder and/or gall stones, is not in the gall bladder.

With what we know now, about the gall bladder, more specifically the role of bile, every effort should be made to save this precious organ. Removing the gallbladder does NOT address the 'root cause'. It is like blaming the fire that burned down Gotham City, not the 'villains' who started the fire. The 'villains' still roam freely!

In this 1.5 hours webinar, you will learn about boosting your health by looking after your bile and liver.

If the liver is unhappy, then the gall bladder is also unhappy.

This webinar is for you, whether you have a gall bladder or not.

You may have liver and gall bladder issues, if you experience any of the following:

  • Constipation

  • Unhealthy skin

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Bloating

  • Indigestion

  • Fatigue

  • Low vitamin D levels

  • Blood sugar lows and high

  • Peri-menopause 'blah'

  • Post menopause 'blah'

At the New School Of Nutritional Medicine, we believe the gall bladder is VITAL. We like a more naturopathic approach to health and wellbeing. Did you know the bile and all the work to make it and get it to the gall bladder is now considered as phase 2.5 of detoxification?

In this ‘jam packed’ educational and practical webinar you will learn:​

  • how to support your health and well being with a focus on the gall bladder

  • how to support your health and well being with OR without a gall bladder

  • why the BILE is brilliant

  • about the dynamic duo and how to support the loyal liver

  • which foods and nutritional supplements support the dynamic duo

  • to plan ahead for a healthy baby

  • to avoid the pregnancy and menopause gall bladder ‘mayhem’, (aka cholestasis and oestrogen dominance, bloating, middle fat)

  • why gall stones develop and how can you avoid them

  • the roles of bile including the gut-mind connection

  • how to prevent the likelihood of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, auto-immune conditions, cardiovascular disease to name some

The good news is, you CAN make positive changes now. Don't wait until you are diagnosed with fatty liver, don't wait until you are diagnosed with gall stones, don't wait until you are diagnosed with hormonal issues, and don't wait until you hit the menopause......ACT NOW.

A webinar created to empower your health with a focus on the gall bladder


This £39.99 is an investment in your health

Did you know it is possible to avoid gall bladder removal?

In this webinar you will learn about blood tests that can help you pick up gall bladder issues before they become more severe.

This educational webinar is practical and relevant for the many conditions of today. It covers thyroid health, blood sugar regulation, the microbiome, along side the gall bladder and liver. Nothing really works in isolation in the body. You will learn how to look after the bile ducts, these are the transport vessels for the bile. Why do they get ignored? Did you know there is an auto-immune condition that can impact these bile ducts? This can also be linked to Hashimoto's. The bile ducts have their main home in the liver.

Attended an online webinar which I really enjoyed. The knowledge and information provided was amazing as was the structure of the course. Would highly recommend and I am looking forward to completing more learning with the New School of Nutrition in the future.


Informative, relatable and taught in a way that is clear for everyone to understand. Really enjoyed the webinar!


This webinar is for you ...

  • whether you have a gall bladder or not.

  • if you want to avoid gallstones and look after your health

  • if you have had gallstone 'attacks'

  • if your stools stick to the loo, and/or float

  • if you are peri-menopausal

  • if you are menopausal

  • if you are estrogen dominant (PMS, fibroids, overweight)

  • if you are planning a healthy pre-conceptual programme and/or a healthy pregnancy

  • if you have belly fat that is not shifting

  • if you have been told you have a fatty liver

  • if you want to learn which blood test parameters to keep 'an eye on' in order to ensure you are not on the verge of gallstones or fatty liver

  • if you want to know about the link between the thyroid and the gall bladder

The Dynamic Duo webinar provides you with practical and valuable education that your doctor may not have been taught.

Webinar Price £39.99

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