No More Unnecessary Medications

by learning to use homeopathy with ease & confidence

Learn how to avoid the long term impacts of medications such as antibiotics and steroids

In these webinars Khush introduces you to Rapid Relief Homeopathy.

Even main stream medicine is encouraging less medications

Khush shares her wealth of experience as a practitioner. She teaches you how she used Rapid Relief Homeopathy to raise a family of 3 boys, now adults (one is a furry four legged member) without any medications. No antibiotics, no pain killers, no anti-pyretics etc. However, whilst growing up they have had chest infections, ear infections, conjunctivitis, migraines, reactions to nuts, injuries, all the adventures that comes with raising a family. Khush has been running local workshops since 2008 on using Rapid Relief Homeopathy in the home, now you have access to this training from the comfort of your home. These two webinars also bring in nutrition and naturopathic tips.

Khush has a very practical and engaging teaching style with real-life examples. You also get the informative and beautiful notes with each webinar.

Future webinars will be diving deeper into various other acute conditions

Mum, Grandma, dad or a health practitioner, this is for you!

Fantastic webinar this evening. A total win win - an absolute bargain and privilege to have the opportunity to be taught by Khush is such an intimate setting and raising money for aid for human suffering in Gaza at the same time.

Ellen Doreen

The first 2 Rapid Relief Homeopathy Webinars were so inspirational and practical at the same time! The information can be applied straight away- no matter your background! And such a good cause to support! I can't wait for the next ones!


Thank you for a wonderful informative webinar. It was like "hitting 2 birds with one stone" (I wish I could have chosen a better metaphor). It was very much needed humane cause while teaching essential first aid homeopathy.

Thank you


These two foundational webinars are typically 'Khush style', interactive, full of stories, with the 'ins and outs of health and dis-ease', so that you are equipped to use and practice all that you have learned.

Falling sick 'acutely' such as with flu, tonsillitis, childhood illness, UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) is the body 'doing it's job' to remain healthy. This may sounds crazy, but it is true. With these acutes, it is like the body goes 'off road' to clear out 'the side rubbish'. Some of those 'off road' experiences may be a 'tad bumpier' for some than others. Few of those 'off road' experiences may be shorter for some than others. either way, they are part of the body's healing process. Without the 'off road' cleaning, the body would die.

You will learn how to get back on track by clearing the 'rubbish from the side roads'. Your body has an inner compass that navigates you back to health with the 'right healing modalities'.


This £25 is an investment in your health

ALL money raised will go to charities supporting the civilians in Palestine.

The Webinars Cover ...

  • The holistic view of health and disease

  • How and why we fall ill?

  • Suppression: suppression of an illness and how that drives deeper to chronic conditions

  • What are homeopathic remedies if not empty sugar pills?

  • The difference between herbs, homeopathic remedies and cell salts

  • How to support yourself, your family and community using Rapid Relief Homeopathy

  • Integrated with nutrition tips & drug pharmacology

  • Poor nutrition can be an obstacle to cure

  • Choosing the appropriate remedy

  • How to use Rapid Relief Homeopathy confidently

  • Preparing yourself for the winter season

  • An introduction to trauma remedies & the book of symptoms

  • When to visit a doctor or A&E

Learn to heal acute illness with these educational, inspirational and practical webinars

Chronic dis-eases stem from the suppression of 'acute' illnesses and the build-up of toxins.

Following the two webinars (total of almost 4 hours), you will be ready to support yourself, your family and community using Rapid Relief Homeopathy. You will be ready for the winter, learn about key trauma remedies AND have a beginners introduction to the 'book of symptoms' aka The Repertory.

We will be sharing more webinars, that give you the option to dive further into Rapid Relief Homeopathy prescribing. You will learn more about how to 'treat' various acute illnesses such as tonsillitis, injuries, PMS, indigestion, UTIs, pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, childhood illnesses such as chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever and more, so keep an eye out for the newsletters.

First let's learn how to navigate through the winter season with ease using Rapid Relief Homeopathy, nutrition tips and some cell salts.

Absolutely brilliant webinar, I learned so much from your Rapid Relief Homeopathy webinars. Very informative & helpful, thank you so much Khush (takes me back 21 years to when you were my very first lecturer, you are brilliant).

I would very much like to register for your future webinars so that I can learn more about homeopathy and also how to use the 'A Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Remedies' :)

Hilary Thomas

Love that quiz, did it earlier and surprised myself how much I remembered.

Thanks for sharing all that great info I found if fascinating and I'm going to get some salts in and other bits. You have such a great easy teaching style too.

Looking forward to next one!


Both webinars for £25 only

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