Rapid Relief Homeopathy


Tool to help with self prescribing for common ailments...

Such as flu, headaches fevers, bumps and bruises, period pains, hay-fever, urinary tract infections...

Remedy Discovery Tool File

(Repertory Sheet)

This interactive file is for the Rapid Relief Homeopathic webinars and workshops. As you add the numbers for each remedy onto this file, the total is automatically calculated for you. ;)

To download the file click on file/image below. This file is user friendly for computers only. For mobiles you can download the file and add manually once you have 'gathered' the symptoms.

If you have not yet started the webinar series on Rapid Relief Homeopathy prescribing, and you want to learn how to prescribe homeopathic medicine for you, your family and/or community, you can go to Foundation to Rapid Relief Homeopathy webinars, and start with the first two webinars. They are jam packed with practical information.

We will be diving deeper, in the Rapid Relief Homeopathy Advanced webinars, where you will learn how to prescribe homeopathic remedies that you may have or never have come across before. Such as apis for a urinary tract infection set off by jealousy, or phytolacca for tonsillitis or ignatia for a migraine caused by a loss.

We are excited to be bringing this to you and to the people in your life. Let's value one of our greatest assets which is health.

Looking forward to seeing you online for the advanced webinars, remember the first two webinars are ready to purchase and are foundational to the advanced webinars.

To health!